CFP: Gender, religion and social work in the formation of European welfare provision, 19th and 20th centuries 

A proposal of a Special Issue to be edited by Pirjo Markkola and Dominika Gruziel 

We invite members of the Cost Action as well as other scholars to a brainstorming session on a special issue on gender, religion and social work (care) in 19th and 20th century Europe. We aim at addressing the following questions, among others: How was gendered social care constructed, experienced and understood in different religious settings? What kind of male and female arenas of social work were promoted or discouraged in religious contexts? Did religious understandings assign lay men and women differing positions in social work? How were lay people seen vis-á-vis the clergy? How were relations between religious actors and the state authorities constructed? Were there examples of competition, cooperation or compromises between various actors? What kind of spaces of experience and horizons of expectations were formed in the field of social welfare? How did religiously motivated gendered actors conceptualize their activism? We also welcome investigations of historically and contextually changing concepts of care, social work, social welfare or social care as one of the issues to be analyzed. 

If you wish to participate in the planning of the special issue at the Cost Action online meeting in December 14 to 16, please send a short description of your ideas (ca 300 words) to Pirjo Markkola (pirjo.markkola@tuni.fi) and Dominika Gruziel (dominika.gruziel@eui.eu) by December 2. Please, feel free to contact us for more information. 

For further information see the PDF attached.