Future Workshops and Conferences as of 31 July 2023*

In this page you can find a list of the future workshops and conferences organised within the framework of the Action’s Working Groups and Transversal Projects.

The page is regularly updated.

Please contact ellianna.farazi@parisdescartes.fr for any further information.


7-8 September 2023, Utrecht
Decolonising Empires, 1930s – 1970s: (Trans)national Actors and Social Reform in (Post-) Colonial Countries

The international conference is part of the eponymous Transversal Project led by Michele Mioni and Marco van Leeuwen.


8 September 2023, Athens
Reconstructing and Reimagining the Family: Health sciences and welfare on families in Southeastern Europe (1945-1989)

The workshop is part of the activities of Working Group 2 and is organised by Despo Kritsotaki and Nicolas Henckes.


11-12 September 2023, Budapest
Women’s Intellectual History

The workshop is part of the activities of the Transversal Project Women’s intellectual history, care, and social thought” led by Isidora Grubacki.


11-15 September 2023, Paris

  • Unpolitical Politics
    The meeting is part of the activities of the transversal project “Unpolitical Politics? Public action for social protection in late 19th through early 21st century Europe” led by Efi AvdelaClarisse BerthezèneLaura DownsDominika Gruziel and Dimitra Lampropoulou.
  • Women on the Right
    The meeting is part of the activities of the transversal project “Women on the Right. Politics and Social Action in Comparative and Transnational Perspective” led by Clarisse BerthezèneLaura Downs, and Julie Gottlieb.


*(events might be subject to changes and updates)