CFP: Social welfare and minority rights in Europe, 1850s-present, edited by Karolina Lendák-Kabók and Hanna Lindberg


We invite members of the Cost Action and beyond to discuss the possibility of a special issue on social welfare and ethnic minorities from the late 19th century to the present day. The questions we pose are the following: How have different systems of social welfare addressed issues of ethnic heterogeneity? In which ways have the different providers of social welfare contributed to the social inclusion and exclusion of ethnic minorities? How has the recognition of minority rights affected the distribution and organization of social welfare? Although our focus is on systems of social welfare and their interconnection with ethnic minorities, we are at this point also open to contributions on other aspects of welfare in relation to ethnic minorities. Here, we understand the concept of welfare broadly, ranging from social insurance and services to health care and education, which together provide a foundation for social security and social mobility.

For further information see the PDF attached.

If you wish to participate in the planning of the special issue during a session at the Cost Action meeting in Florence December 14 to 16, please send a short description of your idea for an article to Hanna Lindberg (hanna.lindberg@tuni.fi) and Karolina Lendák-Kabók (karolina.lendak@uns.ac.rs) by December 7.