CFP: "Aging and Society" Conference, 18-20 September 2024, University of Galway, Ireland and Online

We would like to draw your attention to our COST members Lubica Volanska, Anca Dohotariu and Ana Paula Gil’s initiative.

Lubica, Anca and Ana Paula have been working on their book Politicising and Gendering Care for Older People for the past two years. The book is set to be published in July 2024 by Manchester University Press. They will present the book during the upcoming Aging and Society conference by organizing a colloquium. The conference will take place in September 2024 at the University of Galway (Ireland) and online.

They invite those of you who are working on (de)gendering and politicizing care from different perspectives to join them and their panel. 

Practical information:

  • If you are interested in joning Lubika, Anca and Ana Paula, please send your name, affiliation, and contribution title to Lubica.Volanska@savba.sk by Friday, February 23, 2024
  • Once the panel is accepted, registration for the conference via the CGScholar webpage is necessary
  • The deadline for early registration after panel acceptance is March 19, 2024 (please note that further deadlines will apply; however, the conference fees will increase)
  • You can find more details on the conference at the following link https://agingandsocialchange.com/2024-conference/call-for-papers