Report: “Warfare and Welfare in Europe: Transnational Perspectives on Social, Military, and Religious Actors from One World War to Another, 1914-1950”

The meeting was held at German Historical Institute in Rome on 1st-2nd December 2022, following up on a first workshop entitled Warfare, Welfare, and Transformation of European Society in the 20th Century in Berlin on 15th–16th October 2021. The meeting was organised by Michele Mioni (Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg), Fabien Théofilakis (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne/Centre Marc Bloch Berlin) and Simon Unger Alvi (German Historical Institute), and stems from a co-sponsorship of the COST Action CA-18119 “Who Cares in Europe?”, Centre Marc Bloch, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and the Max Weber Foundation.

The papers discussed at the meeting featured a wide range of case-studies from western, southern, and eastern Europe. The contributions embraced international, regional, and local scales of analysis, challenging the current periodisation of the warfare/welfare mobilisation. This workshop was the last meeting of a wider project on warfare-to-welfare, which sought to study the transformative impact of 20th century wars on European societies, from a dual perspective. Firstly, it emphasised the transnational dimension of war phenomenon in its relation to social, health and assistance action. Secondly, the project scrutinised the interaction between public and private actors by shifting focus on the exchanges and interconnections involving national and non-national social actors. The two meetings hence highlighted the collateral perspectives of voluntary associations and lobbies, transnational technical expertise, INGOs, IOs, gender dimension, local charities and religious networks.

Please find the programme attached below