CFP: "Decolonising Empires, 1930s – 1970s: (Trans)national Actors and Social Reform in (Post-) Colonial Countries"

We are delighted to share the call for papers for the international conference “Decolonising Empires, 1930s – 1970s: (Trans)national Actors and Social Reform in (Post-) Colonial Countries”

Research questions and perspectives

This is a call for papers for a conference to be held in September 2023, on how regional, national and transnational social movements helped or obstructed social reform during the transition from colonially governed to independent countries. The conference aims to reframe this process by placing at the centre of the analysis the action of transnational social movements, with a focus on non-governmental organisations (NGOs), international non-governmental organisations (INGOs), transnational labour movements and voluntary associations.


Relevant questions stemming from this topic may be:

  • How and to what extent did national, regional and transnational social movements acted as brokers in the exchanges between metropoles and dependant territories?
  • To what extent did transnational social movements influenced the debate and implementation of welfare reform in Europe and in (post)colonial areas?
  • What roles did transnational social movements play in the transition from colonial to post-colonial social policies?
  • To which extent did the transnational social movements’ social action reflect/shape the family welfare in dependent/newly independent territories?
  • How and to what extent did the Cold War context influence the goals and action of the transnational social movements in term of ideas and policies?

Key dates:

  • Title and abstract are due by 31 January 2023
  • Conference will take place in September 2023


Marco van Leeuwen m.h.d.vanleeuwen@uu.nl
Michele Mioni michele.mioni@uni-bamberg.de

For the full CFP and further information, please see the PDF attached.