An interview with Michele Mioni

Have a look at the interview with Michele Mioni on his 15-day research stay as a Visiting Research at the Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Cultures Anglophones (Université de Paris-CNRS) in October 2022. There, he worked on his project on Franco-American Health Sector Cooperation and International Associations fighting Tuberculosis during and after First World War.

As he affirms, this project relates to his last research programme within our COST Action which “focuses on the links between the two world wars and social reforms in Europe. [He is] pursuing this initiative in collaboration with Fabien Théofilakis (Centre Marc Bloch of Berlin and Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) and Simon Unger-Alvi (German Historical Institute of Rome). The aim is to emphasise the role of international organisations, voluntary associations, transnational social movements in the nexus between warfare and social policy. By so doing, this line of research shifts emphasis from institutionally-focused perspectives, to highlight the relation between social mobilisation(s) and State policy, as well as the interconnections at regional, national, and supranational levels”.

During his stay in Paris he had the opportunity to explore French sources archives as “French experts and organisations played a central part in this story”. As he states, he would like “to connect the national dimension of the French action against tuberculosis with the wider international debate, by scrutinising the transfers of medical knowledge and practices across the Atlantic, and possibly beyond”, and “to examine the significance of these exchanges in the construction of a multilateral global social policy and an epistemic community concerned with health progress”.

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