Transversal Research Project: The International Council of Women

The International Council of Women (ICW) was created in Washington DC in 1888 ‘to stimulate the sentiment of internationalism among women throughout the world’. Although the growth of the ICW was impressive – in 1939, thirty-six councils were affiliated to the ICW – it took many years for it to spread to other countries. Joining the ICW meant belonging to a movement that crossed national boundaries and which gave strength and legitimacy to each National council of women which aim was to gather the maximum of women’s associations. 
Currently, Anne Cova is working on a transnational gender history of the national councils of women in Southern Europe and Latin America, 1900-1939, and would like to explore also the national councils that may exist in other countries studied in COST Action CA 18119 Who cares in Europe ?
Please join the project by contacting Anne Cova: anne.cova@ics.ulisboa.pt
Anne Cova
Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon