Location: European University Institute, Florence

The Action is pleased to announce the workshop Gender in the “mixed economy of welfare” that will be held during the plenary meeting in Florence, 14-16 December 2020

The main aim of the workshop is to historicize the implicit assumption on which the “welfare state” and “care” are based, to understand the sexual division of welfare and the gendering of welfare policies, and to show how they have been produced, shifted, challenged or rejected by social practices and interactions. We are particularly interest in investigating these issues in parts of Europe that until today have not been included in the mental maps of the gendered dimension of the “mixed welfare economies”.

The aim of the workshop is also to collect different European case studies and to open up the possibility of comparison. This could be an interesting starting point to develop a special edition of a journal.

For further information see the PDF attached.

COST members who are interested in participating in the workshop should send an email until December 7, 2020 to Efi Avdela (avdela@uoc.gr), Dimitra Lampropoulou (dlamprop@arch.uoa.gr), or Sonja Matter (sonja.matter@hist.unibe.ch). Participants will be limited to 25 members. You will be notified by December 10.