CFP: Who Cares? Narratives of Families in Europe, a collective volume edited by Adriana Zaharijević, Anca Dohotariu and Joanna Wawrzyniak

By portraying the complex effect of various social, political and economic processes over the last fifty years, this volume aims to understand what constitutes a family in Europe today. Central to this portrayal is the question – who has been caring for the family in Europe? 

Starting from a seemingly essentialist question – what constitutes a family – this volume is supposed to demonstrate that no essentialist, one and simple definition of family is possible today, without detrimental consequences on the liberties of the members of actually existing families. Contemporary families lead complex lives which are constantly negotiating social, political, and economic and institutional settings. They are integral to what families are, they put in question the notion of the family proper. How is it possible to care for families in Europe today, without the abrogation of the existing familial forms of life? 

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Deadline for submission for COST members: December 7, 2020.